Accounting program for individual entrepreneurship

Accounting for individual entrepreneurship is simple

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A person carrying out individual entrepreneurship can

Manage and administer data independently:
Save time spent on administration, as the program allows:

Manage accounting in a mobile and modern way:
  • Work does not require to be tiedup to a specific location or device;
  • Allows you to serve customers regardless of the distance between you;
  • Works with all devices without any additional installation.
Be assured of data security:
  • You don't need to worry that if your computer breaks down, all the information on it will be lost. The data compiled in the program is stored on a secure server with periodic backups.
  • After registering a legal entity (MB, UAB, etc.) — all clients will already remain in the system;
  • The most important data needed to calculate individual activity taxes, taxable income, GPM, to submit declarations will be safe.

Most commonly used online store integrations by individual entrepreneurship:

Issue invoices for free 

Individual entrepreneurship can issue following document forms for free:
  • Advance accounts;
  • Commercial offers;
  • Transfer-acceptance acts;
  • Bills of lading.

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How much will individual entrepreneurship accounting services cost?

(prices per month without VAT)

  Plan Employee (free) Plan Minimal (15 €)
Free invoicing and sending by e-mail
Assignment of payment to invoices issued
Export of sales documents in MS Excel
Filling in the income-expenditure accounting journal
Current and former customer information, order history
Choice of income deduction method
Acounting ledger of income-expenses of individual activity of a natural person
Calculation of depreciation of fixed assets
Importing statements from most banks, payment systems
Business-required modules — warehouse, bank, cash register, reports

Asmenų, vykdančių individualią veiklą apskaita ir apmokestinimas


00:38 Individuali veikla — apmokestinimo teisės aktai;
01:06 Individuali veikla. Pagrindinės sąvokos;
02:15 Individuali veikla — registravimas;
02:48 IV apmokestinamųjų pajamų ir GPM skaičiavimo schema;
06:05 Individuali veikla — neapmokestinamosios pajamos;
08:12 IV pagal pažymą pajamų apmokestinimas;
09:01 Individuali veikla — leidžiami atskaitymai;
10:51 Ilgalaiko turto įsigijimo išlaidos (nusidėvėjimas);
29:41 Trumpalaikio turto įsigijimo išlaidos;
30:31 Perparduodamų prekių, medžiagų, žaliavų, detalių ir kt. įsigijimo išlaidos;
43:59 Pajamų ir išlaidų apskaitos žurnalas;
47:30 IDV apskaita;
50:40 Individualios veiklos apmokestinimas;
57:50 Individuali veikla — deklaravimas;
01:00:54 Individualios veiklos nutraukimas.