Individual activity — accounting and invoicing

Individual activity

Convenient invoicing and accounting of individual activities:

  • Free invoicing
  • Income and expense accounting register
  • Easy transition to MB/UAB
  • Convenient integrations
Individuali veikla pagal pažymą

General register
Filling of individual activity income-expenses journal

Expense deduction methods
30% of income or actual expenses

Accounting principles
Principles of Money or Accumulation

Information for beginners
Useful links to get started

Easy transition to MB / UAB
Galima dirbti toliau pasikeitus įmonės teisinei formai

Individual activity calculator
Mokėtinų mokesčių apskaičiavimas

IdV Integracijos

Nemokamas sąskaitų faktūrų išrašymas

Accounting of IA easily and quickly

Individual activity independent commercial activity of a natural person. The requirement of binary entry is not applied to the accounting of individual activity, but the accounting of individual activity must be kept very carefully, because the person operating according to this form of activity should compensate accounting errors or losses with personal property. 

Accounting program for employees according to IV needs