B1.lt — Terms and conditions


By registering on the www.b1.lt website (further – B1), You (further - User) agree to the terms and conditions listed below.

1. User has a right to:

1.1 Use B1 in accordance to the specified conditions.

1.2 Change the provided name, password or emails address.

1.3 Require to block Your account or abandon it totally.

1.4 Print or save electronically User dedicated documents and data.

2. User commits:

2.1 Not to disclose the B1 login information to the 3rd parties.

2.2 Loosing B1 login information or disclosure of the data for the reasons not caused by the user The user immediately has to inform B1 administration via email info@b1.lt

3. B1 administration has a right to:

3.1 If the User attempts to harm B1 software and its safety or violates the paragraph 1.1 of these Rules, to immediately, without warning stop the User access to the B1.

3.2 Change, update or modificate B1, send User emails notifying about the changes.

3.3 Temporary suspense the B1 service due to the circumstances beyond its reasonable control: connection failure, vandalism, force majeure.

3.4 Delete the User account if not in use for a period longer than 6 months, informing the User 1 month in advance.

3.5 Access User data when consulting the User, performing B1 maintenance or conducting surveys and advertising.

4. B1 administration commits:

4.1 Provide the User honest, fair and professional service;

4.2 Fix the errors (disruptions) within the reasonable time.

4.3 Not to use and distribute User‘s confidential information acquired form B1 without Users permission ( the information, that User submits or uploads in any way to B1). Not to allow such actions to be performed by any 3rd parties, except the legal cases.

5. Responsobility:

5.1 User is responsible for the B1 login information safety and not disclosure it to the 3rd parties. If there is 3rd user connected to the B1 User account using User login, B1 administration considers this user as User and is not responsible for the information disclosure or other consequences.

5.2 User is fully responsible for the accuracy of the data provided. B1 administration is not liable for any incorrect data submitted by User,

5.3 B1 administration is not responsible for consequences that might be caused by circumstances described in the paragraph 3.3 of these Rules.

5.4 B1 administration does not ensure the uninterrupted service of B1.lt, as the service might be influenced by 3rd parties. B1 administration will word hard to ensure the service to be as smooth as possible. It is not the case of system malfunctioning, when B1 temporarily (for not longer than 24 (twenty four) hours) limits the use of B1, due to the maintenance works, and informing the User about it in advance.

6. Payment and money back policies:

6.1 User using the paid B1 service is obligated to pay for it in advance.

6.2 Money paid for the plans are non refundable.

7.Other conditions:

7.1 All arguments are resolved by mutual agreement of the parties, if the agreement is not met, - by the Laws of Republic of Lithuania,