Monetary operations, import of bank statements, SEPA payments


Bank account and cash transaction management, import of bank statements, automatic or manual management, SEPA payments

SEPA payments
Formation of payment orders to the bank in one file

Corr. accounts
Linking correspondent accounts in one place

Automatic exchange rate import and other currency operations

Import via API
Automated receipt of bank transactions from external systems

Import of bank statements

  Financial institution .xml .csv Automatic
Paysera Paysera  
Swedbank Swedbank
Citadale Citadele    
Siauliubankas Šiaulių bankas    
Medicinosbankas Urbo bankas    
Danskebank Danske Bank    
Luminor Luminor    
Vialet Vialet    
Opay Opay  
MakeCommerce MakeCommerce    
Industra Industra Bank    
LKU kredito unija LKU    
smeBank smeBank    
Kreda Kreda
Paypal PayPal    
Wise Wise    
stripe Stripe    
Revolut Revolut    
T Bank T-Bank    
Braintree Braintree    
Paytrail Paytrail    
Payhawk Payhawk    
intergiro Intergiro    
Mistertango Mistertango    
Transactive Transactive
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Manual control

The module is designed to record daily business transactions related to the movement of money in the bank settlement account: funds received, payments to suppliers, wages paid to employees, currency conversion, etc. 

The module provides a report for viewing bank transactions and checking balances with statements provided by another financial institution.

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