Free invoice recognition in just 30 seconds

Free invoice recognition

Unlimited recognition without any training:
  • Within 30 seconds until full recognition
  • Recognises non-standard invoices
  • Multiple invoices at once
  • It improves on its own with continued use
  • The invoice is automatically uploaded to the storage
Sąskaitų atpažinimas

Try out invoice recognition

(system and method is protected by a Lithuanian patent)

How does invoice recognition work?

The principle of artificial intelligence operation

  • Works for users with a paid plan;
  • Purchase invoices, receipts, checks can be uploaded in different ways;
  • Documents of different formats are digitised (.pdf, .png, .jpg, .jpeg);
  • Processed automatically;
  • The user confirms the correctness of the entered data;
  • Digitised documents are transferred to accounting.
Nemokamas sąskaitų atpažinimas

Alternatives to digitising invoices Manually Other solutions
Recognition time1 up to 30 sec. up to 24 h
Cost price 2 0 € Your time ~25 ct/pc.
Position recognition3    7
No integration required4
TIme of entering into accounting5 up to 5 sec. 1-3 min. depends on integration
A need to check6 necessary advisable necessary

Information updated: 04/05/2024.
1 — Recognition time of the uploaded document (how long does it take to receive the result of digitising the account);
2 — The cost of entering document to the accounting;
3 — Recognition of the table of goods/services positions;
4 — No need to install. Works immediately after uploading the document. Does not require time or money to connect;
5 — Inclusion of the scanned (digitalised) document to the accounting;
6 — After inclusion to the accounting, verification of data is required;
7 — Only one position and when it is already settled with another invoice from the supplier.

Invoice recognition (digitization)