Accounting program for accounting companies

We help accounting companies earn more

Simplify the accounting process and get the most out of your accounting business
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An easy way to serve even more customers without increasing resources

    • Flexible pricing is designed specifically for accounting companies;
    • Guaranteed earnings through affiliate program 
    • Fast and free updates;
    • Debts, declarations and other different reports;
    • Invoices can be issued by the client himself, there is no need to enter them;
    • Purchase invoices can be registered by the customer and uploaded for verification;
    • A time sheet is generated from decrees;
    • Automated e-commerce, transfers are exported, etc.;
    • Clients can view information and send you less emails;
    • Usage statistics shows the highest costs in the accounting process;
    • Up-to-date with tax updates;
    • Flexible for individual needs, different access rights for users;
    • Provides the ability to send Reminder messages to clients via email;
    • Provides an opportunity to connect an unlimited number of integrations to its customers;
    • Allows you to provide innovative services to the clients.
    • Unlimited number of employee logins;
    • Work from anywhere and from any device;
    • Makes it easier to work with customers from other cities;

For accounting companies we offer the "Partner" plan

No need to pay for your employees
We will provide individual training with program
We will top up your balance to get started with buhalterinėms įmonėms

Customer and employee action statistics

Employee activity by company

You will see the activity statistics of each employee.
What companies and how long he worked with.



Action details

You will see which modules the employee worked with.
At what time and what steps were taken.


Free invoicing for your customers

Invite your customers to join the company and they will be able to bill themselves
You will save more time and optimize your work

Invoicing — reduces service costs and increases the productivity of the accounting company