B1.lt Partners and Affiliate program

Affiliate program

Possibility to collect partnership points with which you can pay your company's balance

How it works?
Collecting partnership points

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How does it work?

The partnership program provides an opportunity to receive a reward by inviting individuals to use the services of the B1.lt program (25% commission from replenishing the company's B1.lt balance). To collect partnership points, all you have to do is create a unique partner link in the "Partnership" module. Pressing the consent button immediately confirms your participation in this program.
  • Accrued Amount: User Partnership Balance. This section shows information about the amount earned by an individual user and B1.lt administration payments
  • Registered Users: Shows information about users who have been invited and signed up through the Affiliate link. You can also see which plan they have chosen.
  • The user must be registered in the B1.lt system;
  • To receive a unique link in the "Partnership" module of the B1.lt account;
  • Share the program information as widely as possible:
    • express an opinion or recommendation soc. networks;
    • send link via email mail to your friends or clients;
  • Place the generated link and logo on your website;
  • The clients of the Partner for whom the fee is paid are those users who register in the B1.lt system by confirming the received link.
  • Employees of the same company (or group of companies) cannot be partners.
  • When sending an invitation to join the company (already participating in the partnership program, the user is automatically added to the list of sponsors. It is not necessary to send a partnership link separately.
  • To receive partnership points, a customer participating in the affiliate program must bill and pay in advance from their account.

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