Salary calculator 2021, salary in hands, salary on paper

Explanations of choices

On paper - the salary specified and calculated in the employment contract (before tax deduction);
On hands - the amount of wages and salaries payable to the employee after deducting GPM and social security contributions (after tax).

Supplementary pension accumulation indicates whether the employee accumulates for the supplementary part of the pension:
  • 0% - the employee does not participate in the accumulation;
  • 2.4% - an employee who participates in accumulation and pays 2.4% to pension funds;
  • 3% - an employee who participates in the accumulation and pays 3% to pension funds.

The adjusted NPD indicates the non-taxable amount of income, which depends on the amount of salary received and the available working capacity group:
  • Apply - the NPD calculated from the amount of salary is applied, if the employee submits an application to the employer;
  • Exclude - The NPD does not apply if the employee does not apply to the employer;
  • Indicate - NPD is applied according to the level of working capacity, special needs or disability according to the certificate.

Employment contracts:
  • Indefinite - the choice will affect only the rates of the employer's contributions to the Social Security;
  • Term - the choice will affect only the rates of the employer's contributions to the Social Security;

Labour Code
Personal Income Tax Act
Social Insurance Act

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The payroll (DU) module is included in all paid plans


Convenient payroll accrual and deduction:
  • Calculate salaries from 1 to 500+ employees;
  • Total and non-total DU accounting is supported;
  • Enter salaries manually for any period (tax changes from 2019);
  • Calculate salaries for foreign capital companies;
  • Calculate travel allowance automatically according to the order, once the daily allowance rates have been entered.