Customer management system and accounting program for the manager

Accounting software that helps you earn more

Increase productivity of your team, work in a modern and efficient way
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A simple way to manage company processes

Track from anywhere in the world and from any device:

  • Customer's debts or liabilities to suppliers;
  • Customer history for the whole period (CRM);
  • Made purchases and invoices yourself;
  • Warehouse and stock movement therein;
  • Employee leave balances;
  • Create necessary order;
  • Issuing PPK via cashier and import bank statements;

See real-time sales in accounting, having connection with::

  • CRM's that are being used or other programs;
  • POS cash registers,
  • All e-shops.
Stop worrying about backups:
  • Specialised companies will do this professionally (without worrying about data protection).