Accounting program for accountant

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An accounting program that facilitates the accountant's work
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A program designed specifically for accountants

    • The number of letters from a client is reduced as clients view debts and various reports themselves, issue sales invoices, register purchase invoices in the system, enter or review orders, run warehouse, maintain e-commerce, import orders, etc .;
    • There is no need to worry that your computer may break down and all information may be lost. Now everything is on a secure server and backups are created periodically.

    • Up-to-date with tax updates;
    • Allows you to provide innovative services to the clients.
    • Work from anywhere and from any device;
    • Makes it easier to serve customers from other cities.
    • We recommend to clients who do not have an accountant.
Eases communication with customers and reduces service costs:
    • Sales invoices issued or registered by customers are immediately visible in the system;
    • Customers can view debts and various reports themselves.