B1.lt accounting program

Empower your business — unite your team and systems

B1.lt — designed so that accounting helps companies earn more . This is why a cloud accounting program with all the core accounting modules makes it easy to integrate enterprise teams and other business systems.

Regardless of the size of the company, everyone can afford modern and efficient work. This saves time, reduces software costs, and involves all members of the company easily and with pleasure. Finally, integrations are simple, fast, and standardized. Customer data is securely stored in a fast Amazon cloud.

Our mission is — make all accounting operations done instantly.

The B1.lt team loves client's so much that they have even created a separate holiday for them — Client's Day. This is the only Lithuanian holiday that is celebrated all over the world.

The largest Lithuanian accounting program in the cloud*

The largest Lithuanian accounting program in the cloud*

* The largest - means having the most companies that keep real accounts.
Lithuanian - means created in Lithuania and created by a Lithuanian capital company.
Accounting program - means an accounting program that has all the necessary accounting modules and reports to the STI and SoDra.
In the cloud - means a program based on SaaS (Software as a Service). y. a unified program is distributed centrally (rather than many individual copies) to which many customers connect and use it simultaneously.
Compare how our product is searched on Google for comparison with competitors -  search statistics in Google.lt system.

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