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Modern ways of working with personnel

Forget about sending payslips and exchanging paper documents — approve holiday and other requests much faster
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A simple way to manage employee data

Salary summary

The employee sees the salary summary and can print a certificate for the bank.
The accountant no longer needs to waste time on issuing payslips and certificates.


Employees can submit requests in just few clicks.
Director can approve requests in one place, program automatically creates orders.
It is only lett for the accountant to verify and approve the orders.



An employee, as per BDAR requirements, can see what information the accountant has about him/her, and can download his/her job description.
The accountant or director is not disturbed by hte questions about the general employee information.

Start working with the employee cabinet now! How to get started and how to send invitations to employees, as well as all the help you need, can be found in the user manual.



How much it will cost?

You can activate the "Personal" plan in the system or contact us via at www.b1.lt/kontaktai

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Employee cabinet module in all plans.