Over 3500 companies use daily!

Safe to trust the largest Lithuanian cloud based accounting program.

Works with all devices

You can access all data from your smartphone or tablet, from any computer or Smart TV.

Working in one system

You are a director or an accountant, a salesperson or a teacher, you have store or Point of Sale - You will reach more when all your data is in one place.

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Easy accounting company choice

If you do not have an accountant or accounting company, you can choose from the recommended list and get a preliminary price.

All accounting modules

We have all the modules and reports needed for accounting. You can keep accounts with IĮ, UAB, MB and others. And, of course, changes in laws are automatically updated in the system for free.

Friendly for accounting companies is helping accounting companies to reduce costs and increase revenues by creating separate pricing. Separate modules have been developed to optimise the work of the accounting company.