Exchange of purchase, sales or order documents between company employees

File exchange

Free file exchange in the program for every employee of the company

How does it work?

File exchange allows people working in the company to transfer various documents to the accountant or other responsible person in the program free of charge, without leaving the workplace. Why use this feature:

  • A person who is not an accountant sees only their uploaded documents;
  • Documents can be uploaded in different formats;
  • The accountant may transfer the purchase document to accounting. The transferred document is destroyed.
  • It is possible to upload any type of document that needs to be handed over to an accountant;
  • The feature works with any device;

Free for everyone!

Uploading documents is available to all users of the program. This feature is also available with the Employee Plan, but certain user rights must be assigned:
  • Employee cabinet + file exchange;
  • Employee cabinet + invoicing + file exchange.

Pasidalinkite dokumentais vos keletu mygtukų paspaudimu