Accounting operations in the general ledger

General ledger (DK)

Automatically or manually recorded company's financial transaction data
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General ledger

Presentation of consolidated accounting data from all accounting modules in a summary report that can be filtered by customer or correspondent account. This module allows you to view and edit your record. Adjustments are made in the general register which is accessed directly from the General Ledger module.
Didžioji knyga

Period closure
Locking of accounting records for the selected period

Document settlement
Review of closed documents and closing of necessary accounting records

Cost centers
Data analysis according to different selected groups
Sąskaitų planas

Exchange rate conversion
Currency cor. account recalculation  according to the data of the Central Bank

Exchange rate fluctuation
Conversion table of all performed currency correspondent accounts

Financial accountability articles
Assign chart of accounts data to financial statement items

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