Connect your eshop in Eshoprent platform with accounting program

Connect Eshoprent e-shop and accounting program

How Does and eshoprent Integration Work

Persons selling on eshoprent can simplify their accounting process. Order data is synchronized with making the accountant’s work easier — you just need to active the integration.

Synchronisation of Orders

Orders are synchronized in accordance with the established procedure.

Each order:

  • creates a client (if there is no);
  • creates a sales invoice;
  • creates a write-off of goods and updates the balance of goods (for quantity accounting);
  • creates a bank record and reconciles it with the sales invoice.

Everything for Accounting

  • Different VAT rates and currencies;
  • i.SAF, OSS (for EU sellers) and other reports.


  • Returns are not imported to, you will need to process them yourself.

How much will integration with cost?

(prices shown per month excluding VAT)

65€ / mth.


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from 35€/mth.



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