B1.lt accounting program and SPS cash registers

Integration with SPS Points of Sales

(There is no option to create a new integration. We only support previously built integrations.)

How Does B1.lt and SPS Integration Work

Persons using Individuals using SPS cash registers "Quorion CR28" can simplify their accounting process.  The data of sales are autoatically uploaded to B1.lt making the accountant’s work easier — you just need to active the integration.

Data synchronization

Orders are synchronized in accordance with the established procedure:

  • sales (invoice creation, printing and sending);
  • warehouse (creation of goods write-off).

Everything for Accounting

  • Different VAT rates and currencies;
  • i.SAF and other reports.


  • Returns are not imported to B1.lt, you will need to process them yourself.

How much will integration with B1.lt cost?

(prices shown per month excluding VAT)

65€ / mth.

B1.lt and SPS operating scheme

Instruction on connections with SPS POS

What are the steps to take before connecting a Strauja?
  1. Žinynai → Sandėlio → Operacijos rūšys  Sukuriama operacijos rūšis „Kasos lapas“ → Spaudžiame „Išsaugoti“:
  2. Žinynai → Prekių kortelės → Prekės  sukuriame prekės kortelę „Pardavimas su čekiu“ su požymiu „Paslaugos“ → Spaudžiame „Išsaugoti“:
  3. Parametrai → Integracijos → Kasos aparatai  Spaudžiame mygtuką „Užsakyti paslaugą“.
  4. Atsidariusiame lange supildote visus privalomus laukus → Spaudžiame „Išsaugoti“: 
  5.  Atsidaro lentelė su API raktu ir slaptažodžiu, gautus kodus perduokite „Strauja“ kasos specialistams. 
PASTABA: nurodytos korespondentinės sąskaitos yra pavyzdinės.
PASTABA: Naujos integracijos nepalaikomos.

We recommend the "Easy Start" service

1. The customer installs the plugin (or cash register);
2. We will do trainings (run the connection to the eshop or cash register);
3. We will set the initial settings B1.lt.
250 € — one-time fee.
(150 € returns to your B1.lt balance).


SPS sujungimas su B1.lt
Integration for SPS Point of Sales
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