B1.lt accounting program and Raso cash registers

Integration with RASO Points of Sales

How does B1.lt and RASO integration work

Persons using the RASO Retail trade management system can simplify their accounting process. Order data is synchronized with B1.lt making the accountant’s work easier — you just need to activate the integration.

Data synchronisation

Orders are synchronised in accordance with the established procedure:

  • sales (invoice creation, printing and sending);
  • warehouse (registration of write-off of goods, transfer of new cards).

Everything for accounting

  • Different VAT rates and currencies;
  • i.SAF, OSS (for EU sellers) and other reports.


  • Returns are not imported to B1.lt, you will need to process them yourself.

Special offer

(valid for each device, prices without VAT):
  • The price of Raso Retail and server software is €34.90/month (please mentione about cooperation with B1.lt during order);
  • For new clients, a gift of €100 is given to the balance of B1.lt (in the case of several cash registers, the discount is given once);
  • Those who change the ASPA system to RASO will receive a gift of €500 to their B1.lt balance.
The price of cash registers must be negotiated directly with RASO.

How much will integration with B1.lt cost?

(prices shown per month excluding VAT)

65€ / mth.

B1.lt and Raso type — Rivilė operating scheme

B1.lt and Raso tipas — Kvitas operating scheme

POS sistemos POS RASO - 01

POS sistema RASO - S18
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Do you have any questions?

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Raso instructions


raso retail
Develops and supplies computerised cash register systems.

We recommend the "Easy Start" service

1. The customer installs the plugin (or cash register);
2. We will do trainings (run the connection to the eshop or cash register);
3. We will set the initial settings B1.lt.
250 € — one-time fee.
(150 € returns to your B1.lt balance).