For foreign companies trading in Lithuania sales accounting for foreign companies

How it works 

For foreign companies selling on the platform, the connection with the accounting program is very simple. Sales are automatically transferred to the program, you only need to specify the name of your store and enter user login data. Accounting company — consults foreign companies on tax issues in Lithuania. If you are a Lithuanian company trading on the platform, use the existing integration.

Automatic registration of sales

Automatically appears in accounting in real time;
A customer card and a sales document are automatically created;
The product is written off from the warehouse after the sale;
Reports and declarations are automatically generated.

Accounting program

The ability to connect to the accounting program and monitor records in real time;
Works from anywhere in the world and on any device;
Consulting system in 3 languages ​​(EN, LT, RU);
Complies with the latest tax law updates.

Registration of a VAT payer in Lithuania

  1. With the help of an accounting firm (recommended).
    1. — send the signed one by mail to the company Buhalterija online, which will perform the registration.
  2. Independently — a legal entity must submit an application to register the company as a VAT payer:
    1. Log in through My VMI, send documents by e-mail or come to the VMI department;
    2. Complete forms FR0227 / RED812 and FR0388 according to the relevant requirements;
    3. Submit the completed forms through an authorized person in Lithuania or by sending the documents by regular mail. +


(prices shown without VAT)

The price includes:
  • Buhalterija Internetu — complete accounting management (i.SAF, filling out VAT returns, etc.), according to the financial accounting law of the Republic of Lithuania, registration of the VAT payer, representation in Lithuanian state institutions;
  • — automatic registration of sales from (integration API requests) and the possibility to connect to accounting.

from 200€/month