Finvalda and — comparison of certain functions

Comparison of certain functions between accounting programs and Finvalda

Accounting software Finvalda and comparison of certain functions

The following information is intended to inform consumers about the characteristics of the product. The information is not intended to be a comprehensive comparison of and other products. This cannot be understood as a complete objective comparison, and the fact that the product surpasses the others in all its characteristics. Finvalda
Basic package3
Min price2 per basic package3
Cloud based1
Different user rights
Open registration5
Available in 3 languages6
Open API7

Information updated: 2020-10-20.

If you are Finvalda program owner and have found any inaccuracies, please contact us via [email protected]. If you are Finvalda programs owner and have found any inaccuracies, please contact us via [email protected] .

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How to transfer accounting data from the program Finvalda to

1. Add invoice plan.

2. Import client list into the program.
3. Import product balances into the program.
4. Register fixed assets.
5. Import bank balances.
6. Upload all remaining data through General ledger->General register.

Finvalda accounting program

Finvalda buhalterinė apskaitos programa ir verslo valdymo sistema
Apskaitos ir verslo valdymo sistemos, kurios patenkins mažų, vidutinių ir didelių įmonių poreikius. Tai programos – FINVALDA MINI, MIDI ir MAXI bei darbo užmokesčio skaičiavimo ir personalo apskaitos sistema PAY PREMIUM, taip pat platus integruojamų modulių pasirinkimas.

* Informacija paimta iš Finvalda buhalterinės programos kūrėjų svetainės.

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