Accounting program for logistics companies

Forwarding | Chartering | Agenting

The Logistics module will help you plan, implement and control flows and processes.

In Forwarding module it is easy to:

    • Fulfill orders according to signed contracts;
    • Enter cargo and monitor its position and status;
    • Manage cargo transshipment/reloading, transport units;
    • View orders/cargo summaries by type and direction of cargo;
    • Store cargo documents: bills of lading; CMR; SMGS; waybills; accounts; packaging files;
    • Generate FCR documents.

Ship agenting with

    • Maintain and track information about agency processes,
    • Storage of a complete package of agency documents for arrival and departure: crew, inventory, passenger lists; general, ship, cargo, sanitary declarations; cargo manifests; bills of lading; NOR; SOF; other applications and reports;
    • Keep a list of additional services provided;
    • Maintain technical information on ships;
    • Print Reports: Entry/Exit BDs and Cargo Declarations; NOR; NOR2; SOF; proform;
    • Search and filter the required data easily.

Logistics module presentation: forwarding, chartering, agenting